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Concrete Footing
Charlotte, NC

Are you in need of footing installation services in Charlotte, NC? Floyd’s Veteran Concrete, Inc. always supports educating our customers on their concrete projects. One of our common products is footing, the purpose of footings is to support the foundation and prevent settling, and is crucial to provide the proper support for the foundation and ultimately the structure. This product should never be visible when construction is complete. Floyd’s Veteran Concrete, Inc. leaves soil for the foundation company to use for backfill, and cover footing. The footing must be buried a minimum of 4 inches underground.

The code for NC footing can be Referenced in chapter 4 Section R403 :

Concrete Footing Charlotte NC

Estimates for Concrete Footing Services

When Floyd’s Veteran Concrete, INC provides an estimate for footing, if no blueprints are provided, we give an estimate to Noth Carolina code which is 12 inches deep from the top of the soil and is 16 inches wide with 2 #4 rebar on seats. 

The slope is to the code of R403.1.5 Slope.

The top surface of footings shall be level (1/2 inch in 10 feet) or shall be brought level under the width of the wall, with masonry units with full mortar joints. The bottom surface of footings shall not have a slope exceeding one unit vertical in 10 units horizontal (10-percent slope). Footings shall be stepped where it is necessary to change the elevation of the top surface of the footings or where the slope of the bottom surface of the footings will exceed one unit vertical in 10 units horizontal (10-percent slope).

Estimates for Concrete Footing Services
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